Need-Based Scholarships

DEADLINE: January 31, 2023

It's like a Scholarship!  When a student is invited to participate in Rotary's high school study abroad program, he/she will automatically receive the benefits of

  • A MONTHLY STIPEND from the hosting Rotary Club during the student's time abroad
  • SCHOOL FEES PAID BY ROTARY (whether attending a public or private school, the hosting Rotary club is responsible for all required school expenses)
  • ROOM AND BOARD - Rotary students do not pay for lodging or meals associated with their host families, who are volunteers
  • LANGUAGE LEARNING PROGRAM (Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur, depending on language availability)

Our Program Fee covers other costs such as obtaining a visa, the student's airfare, insurance, and more. (See Cost of Participation for details.)

Mountain and Plains District 5470 Rotary Youth Exchange has a limited amount of additional funds available on a needs-only basis to assist with the Program Fee if you 1) Demonstrate significant financial need and 2) Receive a grant from your Sponsoring Rotary Club.

The scholarship request is initiated by submitting a Scholarship Application along with your Long-Term Exchange application. Additional questions will be asked during your interview process to help determine your level of financial need. If your Sponsoring Rotary club awards you a grant AND recommends you to the District for a Matching Grant, the District may, but is not required, match the Club Grant up to $1,000. It is your Sponsoring Rotary Club's responsibility to submit a request for a matching grant to the District, so please make sure they have everything they need. Your Sponsoring Rotary Club will pay Mountain & Plains RYE directly for the amount they have awarded you. Any scholarship funds you receive through Mountain & Plains RYE will be applied to the final month(s) of your total payments.

To commence the process:
1. Download a Scholarship Application
2. Include the following
• Letter indicating what you are doing to earn money for the exchange year (savings, job, other grants, fundraising activity, etc.)
• Supporting letter from your parent(s) stating how much your family can contribute and the financial reasons for the scholarship request (single parent, work status, siblings need care, illness in the family, etc.)
3. Submit to our Outbound Coordinator and your Sponsoring Rotary Club

Sponsoring Club Information:
The Sponsoring Rotary Club will be responsible for determining the real need of a student the club is sponsoring for the RYE program. The RYE Committee of the sponsoring Rotary Club will:
Review the Student’s Application and 
Supporting Letters

Interview the student and parents in their home

Determine amount of financial need to allow the student to pay the Program Fee. If the need is greater than the amount the Rotary Club can raise, the Club may request additional assistance (up to $1000) from the District.

Upon a decision by the Club’s Board of Directors to the amount awarded, the Sponsoring Rotary Club will email our Outbound Coordinator the following by January 31:

• Dollar amount the Rotary Club has decided to contribute 
• Clubs Letter of Recommendation explaining the student's financial need and their evaluation process
• Scholarship Application and Supporting Letters

5. Payment: Make the Club's Grant payable to Mountain and Plains D5470 RYE
Mail to:

Mountain and Plains RYE
2853 Picardy Dr.
Grand Junction, CO 81501


Direct Deposit: directly to our Alpine Bank Account: #: Email for account number

6. The student and parents will sign a Scholarship Acceptance Agreement to repay all or a prorated portion of the award if the student does not successfully complete the exchange. 

* Children of the RYE Board Members are not eligible for scholarships. 
* No District Grant will be made until the Club Grant is received.
* Applications received after the December 31 deadline should not be considered by your Club except in the case of an unexpected need arising after the deadline (ex. job loss, illness, etc).