Short-Term Program Information

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Rotary Short Term Exchange (STEP) presents opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and world understanding by allowing them to briefly live in a different country. The STEP program is a family-to-family summer exchange program. Typically, the Colorado student will first travel to the international student’s home and spend 3-5 weeks there, followed by the international student coming to the Colorado home for 3-5 weeks. While Rotary facilitates the match, most of the logistics, including travel dates and flight arrangements, are handled by the families. Cold a orado family must agree to host the foreign student, or identify a suitable host family.

Participating in STEP does not diminish the chances for the student to participate in a long-term exchange. In fact, the successful completion of a STEP experience is viewed positively in the long-term exchange interview process. Freshmen are strongly encouraged to participate in a STEP experience in the summer between their freshman and sophomore years rather than attempting a long-term exchange as a sophomore. 

STEP guidelines:
• Ages 15-19
• Reside in Rotary District 5470
• Are of good character who desire to experience life abroad and host in return  
• Who are adaptable, mature and want to experience life in other countries and cultures
• Children of Rotarians and non-Rotarians are equally eligible
• Exchanges may be arranged with any of the countries with which District 5470 participates in long-term exchange programs; however, due to reversed school calendars, there may be limited options available for students wishing to travel to the southern hemisphere.

STEP expenses:

  • $500 program/insurance fee
  • Flight (purchased yourself)
  • Spending money
  • Required Orientation for Student and Parents
  • All expenses related to hosting the foreign student