Outbound Students

You have the letter that says, “Congratulations. You’ve been selected to spend a year as a Mountain and Plains RYE Student.”

It’s OK to jump, scream and call your family and friends. In fact, we hope you’re as excited to be a part of our program as we are to have you as a youth ambassador.

You may notice that your assignment is tentative. Our exchanges are based on relationships with other Rotary Clubs and Districts and sometimes an exchange simply won’t work with that country for your particular exchange year. If this happens, we will make every attempt to re-assign you to a different country. If this happens, keep an open mind! The willingness to be flexible is a hallmark of a great exchange student, no matter where you spend your year.

As a Mountain and Plains RYE Student, we expect certain things from you as you prepare for your year abroad:
• Attend our mandatory orientations with your parents/guardians
• Complete any assignments made prior to and during the orientations
• Start learning or continue further study of your target language
• Maintain your academic performance
• Follow the RULES of the RYE program from time of acceptance until your return home.
• Be enthusiastic about this opportunity!