Emergency Contacts – Chain of Command

In case of an emergency or serious issue that cannot be resolved by your host family, there are a number of Rotarians who are available to assist you:

  1. Your first resource is always the Rotary Club Counselor in your host country.  If you have not been assigned a Rotary Club Counselor or if your Club Counselor has not been in regular contact with you, it is ESSENTIAL that you be pro-active and ask your Host Club YEO (Youth Exchange Officer) or Rotary Club President to have a new Counselor assigned to you.
  2. If your Rotary Club Counselor cannot resolve your problem or assist you, or if you are not getting a response to your request from your local Rotary Club Counselor, contact the Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) or, if none, the Rotary Club President of your Host Rotary Club to assist you. All of the above resources are outlined on your Visa Guarantee Form. 
  3. If none of these persons can resolve the issue, your next resource is to contact the US Country Coordinator in your host district and the US Country Coordinator with whom you worked prior to your departure.
  4. If you are in an extreme emergency situation, you should ALWAYS contact your US Country Coordinator and D5470 Outbound Coordinator immediately, by e-mail AND/OR WhatsApp call.

Be sure that you have contact information for all of the above persons. If all else fails, contact:

Kristi Redlinger
Mountain & Plains Rotary Youth Exchange Chair
970.270.1271 (cell)