Country Coordinators

Country Coordinators are Rotary volunteers who work with inbound and outbound students to maximize their exchange experiences. They develop strong partnerships with Rotarians in foreign countries, work to understand and explain cultural differences, and ensure students learn about opportunities to grow their language and social skills while abroad.

NORTHERN EUROPE: Austria, Denmark, Estonia/Finland, Germany, Sweden

Nancy Dosdall
970.769.8331 (cell)

ASIA (India, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey)

Alicia O'Brien, Rotary Club of Durango Daybreak

EASTERN EUROPE: Czechia/Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania 

Jirka Myers, Salida


WESTERN EUROPE: France, Italy, Spain

Adam Myers, Salida


The AMERICAs: Brazil, Chile, Mexico

Sally Corcoran

970.376.2376 (cell)

SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay

Cynthia Blancke, Vail
970.390.6437 (cell)
970.926.0376 (home)