Volunteer Opportunities

Rotary's high school study abroad program is based on the premise that we can achieve WORLD PEACE by "exchanging" students to and from different parts of the world. As a Rotarian recently said, "Diplomats sit around conference tables. Exchange students sit around dinner tables." This is where true cultural understanding and human caring begin. The program is only possible with an amazing group of volunteers. If you share our passion for world peace, we would love to make you a part of our team. 

-->Volunteers needed to help multiple clubs/students:

STEP Coordinator- We have roughly six kids that would like to do a short-term exchange each year, and we need someone to oversee this portion of the program. You can take this on yourself, or get together with some friends to form a Short Term Exchange Program Committee, and share the experience. This position would be most active January - June.

Inbound Coordinator- This volunteer will oversee the Inbound Students. So much of the process and procedure has been detailed, so that this position is coordinating and leading fellow Rotarians. If you have strong leadership skills, this is a great fit for you.

Vice-Chair- As many of you know, the Chair position is a 3 year commitment. As Vice-Chair, you will assist the Chair and become acquainted with the inner-workings of this great program, with the expectation of being the Chair for the 2023-2026 term.

Treasurer- Fid Braffett has done a tremendous job using QuickBooks to keep us fiscally healthy. If you or a fellow Rotarian enjoy keeping books, this job would be fun. Books are in great shape, and you would inherit a well-run financial system.

Country Coordinators- Work with your RYE counterparts in specific countries abroad to see that the exchanges work smoothly and efficiently, resulting in a positive experience for the students. You will also work with the 5470 Rotary Club/Clubs hosting the foreign student and with outbound students (and their parents) who have accepted placement in the country for which you are responsible. You'll communicate monthly with your inbound and outbound students. 

Communications Coordinator- Are you a technology or marketing guru? Want to learn how to make changes to websites? Or create forms and flyers? We would love to have you on board!

-->Volunteers needed in local Rotary Clubs:

YEC (Youth Exchange Counselor) - Be a member of the Host Rotary Club, appointed to serve as the Inbound Student’s advocate when he/she is having difficulties at home or at school, additional contact, and friend. You will meet with the student at least once per month, to give sound advice and deal with any problems, fears and worries the Inbound Student may have. Note: CANNOT be one of the Host Parents, the Student’s High School Principal, or School Superintendent.

YEO (Youth Exchange Officer) - First and foremost, the YEO is the “Local Coordinator” for purposes of the U.S. Department of State. Must be a member of the Host Rotary Club, appointed to serve as the Inbound Student’s main contact with the Club. You will complete all paperwork and work with the CC for your Inbound and/or Outbound Student(s). You are also responsible for locating Host Families.

District Committee - Want to serve at a District Level? Here is our current District Committee.