Travel Approval Requirements

Travel by a Rotary Youth Exchange student will only be permitted under the following general conditions:

  1. The student must possess a Travel Permission Form signed by the natural parents authorizing travel OUTSIDE the State of Colorado.  Additional signatures are required from the host parents, the Rotary Counselor or YEO, and the District Chair.
  2. Travel with host parents, Rotarians or other approved responsible adults to visit relatives or friends, to take a vacation, or to travel for school, church, Rotary or community-sponsored functions is allowed with appropriate adult supervision.
  3. School should not be in session (exceptions: school approved absence or Rotary sponsored trip).
  4. Traveling alone or with other exchange students is NOT allowed, whether to visit relatives or other exchange students, or for any other reason.
  5. The completed Travel Permission Form with all necessary signatures must be delivered to the District Chair and approved PRIOR to your making travel reservations and well in advance of the date of departure. 

Travel LESS than 24 hours duration, you need:
Inside Colorado: Host parent approval
Outside Colorado: Host parent approval, host club notified

Travel GREATER than 24 hours duration, you need:
Inside Colorado: Host parent approval, host club notified
Outside Colorado: Host parent approval, host club counselor approval, District 5470 country contact notified, travel permission forms completed and approved by the CGC (Club Group Coordinator) OR YEO (Youth Exchange Officer).

UNACCOMPANIED TRAVEL is not normally allowed: occasionally exceptions are allowed under special circumstances. It is understood that the host parents will verify all plans and itinerary for the travel by personal conversation with the adult accompanying the student. There must be an individual at the destination who assumes full responsibility for the student, and who has been approved by the Natural Parents, Host Parents, the Host Rotary Club and Host District Chair. UNAUTHORIZED TRAVEL MAY RESULT IN THE STUDENT BEING RETURNED HOME.