Mountain & Plains District 5470 Rotary Youth Exchange students are fully insured through a special Ace American Insurance policy, purchased by District 5470 RYE. Click "Buy Now" below to purchase this Liability, Medical, and Sickness insurance for $1,095.00 USD using a Debit or Credit Card. You will receive an insurance card with your name and ID number which you should use whenever you need to see a doctor or have an emergency medical situation. A limited number of inbound students whose district has made arrangements prior to arrival will carry their own country’s insurance policy. However, these policies are required to have US-based customer service. If you need help understanding the coverage or filling out the Claim Form, contact our Insurance Coordinator, Ken Fusco.

Information on the policy or filing a claim can be found by clicking the links below:

• Coverage Description
• Claim Form
• Claim Instructions 
 Summary of Benefits for students with one policy 

Purchase Insurance

Current cost: $1183