First Night Questions

  1. What do I call you?
  2. What do you want me to do in the house in addition to the following:
    make my bed every day?
    always keep my room tidy?
    clean the bathroom every time I use it?
  3. What is the laundry procedure?  Where should I put dirty clothes until wash day?
  4. Should I wash my own underclothes?  All of my own clothing?
  5. Should I do my own ironing when necessary?
  6. May I use the iron, washing machine, dryer,  etc. at any time?
  7. Where may I keep my toiletries?
  8. When is a convenient time for me to use the shower/bath?
  9. May I use bathroom toiletries, like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, or should I provide my own?
  10. At what time are meals normally served?  When do you need to know I won’t be at a meal because of sports practices, games, or other school or Rotary activities?
  11. What can I do to assist at mealtimes:  set the table?   clear the table?   help wash the dishes?  put the dishes away?  Empty/take out the garbage?
  12. May I help myself to food and drink in the refrigerator or cupboards or in the pantry or must I ask first?
  13. What areas of the house are strictly private?
  14. May I put pictures/posters in my room?
  15. May I rearrange my bedroom?
  16. Although I understand I am not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke while on exchange, does your family have rules about alcohol and smoking?
  17. Where can I store my suitcases?
  18. What time must I get up on weekdays in order to get to school on time?   What about weekends?
  19. What time does the family go to bed?  When must I go to bed?
  20. What are the rules/curfew  for me to be at home on weekend nights?  On weekday/school nights?
  21. May I have friends to spend the night?  How much time ahead should I let you know that a friend might stay overnight?  Can school friends visit during the day after school?  On weekends?
  22. Although I am provided with a cell phone, what are the rules about my using the home telephone?  Must I ask first?  May my friends call me? May I make long-distance calls?  Cost?  How should I pay you back…a monthly payment?  May I make calls to my home abroad?  Cost?
  23. What is the procedure for mailing letters?  What address do I use for my incoming mail?
  24. Does my host father or mother have any dislikes, such as: chewing gum? wearing a hat (or curlers) at the table? rock music (and how loud)?  smoking?
  25. Do my host brothers or sisters have any dislikes?
  26. What are the birthdays of my host family parents, siblings, grandparents?
  27. How do I get to school? to town? To a nearby town or city?