Cost of Participation

2021-22 exchange year fees (finalized on July 16, 2020)


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Program Application Cost:

$350 NON-REFUNDABLE Application Fee due upon acceptance of invitation to District Interviews (mid-November). 

 Program Cost is $6,700* and includes:

  • Airfare: Round-trip ticket to Host Country from international airport (DIA, SLC, ABQ) Return date must be selected by March 2022 and must meet parameters required by original ticket.
  • Accident/death/health/liability insurance (required – policy varies by country)
  • Interview Weekend and TWO Orientation Weekends (excluding transportation and lodging)
  • Rotary blazer ~ Business Cards ~ Trading pins ~ Name badge
  • Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur web-based language course (based on language availability)
  • NOTE: $200 will be refunded to student upon successful completion of language program
  • Host Country language camp (if available)
  • Hosting Rotary Club will provide student with a monthly stipend for incidentals
  • Not included in the participation fee: Costs of passport, immunizations, gifts, travel (other than airfare), personal items

* Cost may be subject to change if there is a sudden and significant change in global airfare.

* Any additional costs of emergency return due to unforeseen circumstances (examples: student’s poor behavior, pandemic, disaster, war) will be born by the student/family, not by the MPRYE.)


Payments begin after acceptance into the program via 5 monthly ACH debits of $1350 beginning February 1.

*There is an additional $5 fee PER CHECK to process checks rather than ACH debits.


To declare withdrawal from the program, student must notify in writing:

1. District 5470 Outbound Coordinator
2. Your Sponsor Rotary Club Youth Exchange Officer
3. If you have been provided with the Youth Exchange Blazer, Youth Exchange Trading Pins, and other items provided at Orientation, they must be returned to the Youth Exchange Chair in new condition to receive the refund.

Will be issued to students who voluntarily withdraw, or who have been deemed unfit for exchange by the Mountain & Plains RYE Committee, based on the following parameters. If program participation ends:

  • Before March 1: All except $350
  • Between February 15-March 31: All except $1,350
  • Between April 1-June 1: Refund amount depends on costs currently incurred 
  • After June 1: No refund unless emergency (TBD)

Financial Assistance:
May be available to the student, based on need. Please view information about our NEED-BASED scholarships.