Dealing With Problems

It sometimes happens that the Counselor and the student cannot get along. If this happens, then the Counselor should step aside in favor of another person where there can be a happier relationship. The Counselor should not take this as an indication of failure, as there can be times when personalities clash for no apparent reason.

There may also be a problem between a student and a host family. If this occurs, then the Counselor or YEO should have another host family on standby, or even move the student to another home on a temporary basis, to enable the cause of the problem to be established.

If a student breaks the rules of the program, then the Rotary Club should not be afraid of sending the student home. Before making the final decision for such action, a full explanation of the circumstances should be discussed with the Hosting Rotary Club President followed by additional discussion with the District RYE Inbound Coordinator, District Country Contact, District Youth Exchange Chairperson and the District Governor. Support for such a decision is necessary from all entities. The District Chair is responsible for notifying the sponsoring Rotary District RYE Chair of any pending decision and then of the final decision. The Counselor/YEO and District Chair should arrange the return of the student in a timely fashion and inform the District Department of State Responsible Officer when the student has left the country.